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2 corporators held for assaulting Vasai-Virar civic chief
The commissioner of the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC) was allegedly assaulted by two corporators of the Jan Andolan Samiti on Friday. Twenty three persons, including eight women and the two corporators, have been arrested by the Virar police for rioting and other allied charges.
Kishore Borde,VVMC commisioner, was allegedly attacked by corporators Sanjay Kohli and Pravin Kambli. Borde suffered serious head injuries and has been hospitalised.
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Cage farming to become trend at Kalamb.
Mahesh Mhatre,42 faced the brunt as trawlers in the sea to catch fish increased, he would net only small prawns which hardly fetch 100-150 per kg. International market rejected fish from Kalamb due to its low quality and size; this made him opt for another method of prawns farming started by CMFRI ( Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute) and named it open sea lobster culture. Around 200 juvenile lobsters were caged in made by GI pipes and nylon net and were fed with fingerlings for four months. This pilot project costed him 12,000 Rs; while the returns were more than that he imagined, International market accepted his catch and was paid 20,000, ie 1500 per Kg. After this successful project several farmers from Vasai-Virar region have come forward to implement this method. CMFRI has planned to provide 15 more cages in thane.
BKC typo building now at Vasai.
Government leased land to Gogte saltpans will end in 2014. Proposal to develop the huge space for IT hub and commercial zones. Approval for 22 storey buildings is just another sign of devlopment. Employment opportunities are likely to be increased in these region by another five years. Though builder lobby are eyeing on this precious piece of land. VVMC is in no mood to give it to small time developers and by its 2015 a new Vasai- Virar would emerge.
Vasai-Virar concretized.
The boom in the construction business has led Vasai-Virar into a concrete jungle. The green cover has been tremendously decreased to bring up buildings. The rise in buildings has given way for investors from town and this has lead to increase in prices of commercial property. Various government plans have turned the twin cities into center of investment. Before beautiful cities turn into a huge place for home buyers its time to protect the environment and green cover.
Arnala Bandh Fiasco.
A newly proposed port was approved by the government at Arnala though it would provide adequate facilities to the fishermen community at Arnala. Residents are opposing this development as they feel would lead to decrease in their catch and would reduce their productivity. Inorder to oppose this move Arnala village has called the bandh.
Source:25th April 2012
Water shortage kills one.
Acute shortage of drinking water in the tribal region of Thane district of Maharashtra has claimed life of a 37-year-old tribal woman during the weekend, official sources said. Vivek Pandit, chief of the Shramajivi Sanghatana and Vasai MLA said that Parvati Ramu Jadhav, a tribal woman from Dolara village of Mokhada taluka, had gone to get water from a tanker.The village faces acute water shortage and the water tanker comes to the village only once in four days. She could not get water as the water stock in the tanker got exhausted before her turn came for fetching water. Then she turned towards the village, where also there was a big crowd waiting for water on Saturday.According to Pandit, the villages faced acute water shortage this season and the tankers pushed into service were not at all sufficient to meet needs of the people.On the ill-fated day when she could not get water
Source:25th April 2012
HC to decide fate of 29 villages on 30th April.
29 villages in Vasai-Virar had opposed their inclusion in VVMC under the leadership of MLA Vivek Pandit.. The case thereby landed up in the doors of High Court. Justice Bogade and Justic Bhatkar would hear the case on 30th April. This month end, the fate of these villages for inclusion in VVMC will be decided.
Source:25th April 2012
Gutkha worth 55 Lakhs confiscated at Valiv.
Vasai Police acted on a tip off about duplicate gutkha transporter from Bhiwandi supplying adulterated Gutkha in and around Vasai-Virar. By laiding a trap, they came across 3 trucks of Gutkhas at Charoti Naka. The costs of these confiscated goods is around 55 Lakhs in the open market. Vehicles which were impounded is yet to be verified about its owners. Further investigations could even open up several shocking facts said PSI Handore of Vasai Police Station.
Source:25th April 2012
State to assist in Churchgate - Virar elevated rail corridor
The Maharashtra state government has agreed to assist the Indian Railways in the construction of an elevated corridor between Churchgate and Virar. Accordingly, the state government would help the railways in acquiring land, give additional floor space index (FSI) and to shift underground utilities such as water lines.

"We can now say that the project is on the fast track," T C Benjamin, additional Chief Secretary (urban development) told the Hindustan Times. The total investment for the project is Rs 15,000 crore that would be built on a public private partnership (PPP) basis.

The railway officials urged the state government to help acquire land along the tracks for construction of the elevated corridor and give them an FSI of 4 and help shift underground utilities that would obstruct construction. The railway officials intend to acquire land within 500 days so that construction can begin.
Vasai gets first sterilization centre for dogs
Flooded with complaints of stray dog menace, the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation (VVMC) has opened its first dog sterilization centre. There are 25,000 stray dogs in the Vasai-Virar region, say civic body officials. Ambernath-based NGO Animal Welfare Society (AWS) will help to run the sterilization unit at Navghar in Vasai.
Illegal Buildings a big issue in Vasai-Virar
Monday's incident highlights the gravity of the problem of illegal structures along the Vasai-Virar belt. More than one lakh such structures dot this belt, according to the NGO, Harit Vasai Saurakshan Samiti, which filed a public interest litigation (PIL) against these illegal structures in 2007. Residents blame the Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation for allowing so many illegal constructions to crop up.It was clear cut nexus between the builders, politicians and authorities, Officials complain that they face many hurdles. 'Politicians interfere in our work and provoke people against us,' said a senior official who does not wish to be named. 'We are often denied police protection and so have to postpone demolition. said the official.

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