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Vasai Virar - Holy Cross Church (nirmal, Nallasopara)
Holy Cross Church (nirmal, nallasopara)
The Franciscan Church built in 1557-58.
The latin name is Monte Kalvario meaning the church on the hill similar to the hillock (Mount Kalvario in Palestine) where Jesus sacrificed his life.  The church was built in 1558 and was destroyed in 1739 after the Marathas took over the Arnala fort. The church had to move its services to the west of Mote Talao. Christians from Gaas, Bhuigaon, Nirmal used to offer all religious rites in this place for more then 125 years, hence this place started being known as Santacruz. It was only after the initiatives taken by Father Pedre Paulo Derjaro that on 2nd September 1853 a settlement was made with the local Hindu chiefs and the destroyed church was rebuilt. It was inaugurated in 1856 also marking the third centenary year of this religious district. The annual festival of Ampar Mauli is celebrated by the church with great pomp and ceremony.
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