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Vasai Virar Weekend fun -Palghar
Oh! Coutry road take me home!
Nearest station: Palghar (Western railway beyond Virar)
District: Thane
Aprox. distance: 65 Kms.
Aprox. time by road: Max. 2 hrs.
Route: NH8 to Manor via Shirsad; state highway to Palghar.
The two hour journey from Vasai to Palghar winds its way through gently rolling verdent hills, meandering roads flanked by the dense green of the northern Sahayadris, the odd waterfall and serene rivers. You can binge on nature to your hearts content.
Stroll along the beaches, by the tadgul palms with there heavy fruit, bursting with the promise of quenching the greatest thirst. Move along and watch the locals build there boats. The Vaitarna river and its tributaries, the Deherja and Surya, await your inspection in nearby Manor.
Palghar is like any other hick industrial town dusty, polluted, cramped and terribly noisy. Yet it makes sense to pitch your tent here for access to places high on holiday quotient. After all, not for no reason do so many Mumbaikars have there weekend homes-away-from-home here!

Things to see and do

Shirgaon Beach Fort
A 25 mins auto ride will take you to Shirgaon Fort with the Arabian sea just behind it, is an imposing, if hugely neglected, structure. The climb up is precarious. Once inside the ruins speak Erected in the 18th century, this fort is riven with underground tunnels, cavernous hideouts and a solitary cannon.

Satpati Beach
Another auto and 25 mins. will take you to a sleepy hamlet that is Satpati, The place has a unique claim Its fishing industry is the biggest in Maharashtra. Enjoy the coast line and yes, do visit the Ram Temple here.

Kelva Fort & Beach
A few thousand Suru trees stand sentinel on Kelve beach, the largest stretch (about 7 km) of coastline in the region. At its southern end is the Kelve Fort. The Kelve fort is virtually inaccessible at high tide, which is when it looks most romantic. At low tide the features of the fort are more discernible. But the climb up the walls is clearly not for the lily-livered! Boats are available until sunset for hoisting the adventurous to th roof top via a pulley. Once ther you find the fort full of undergrowth and appears derelict. While in Kelva, visit the Shitladevi mandir on the beach. If you still have energy left, head to Kelva dam (10 kms.) Try stop off at Mahim beach 6 kms out on the way to Kelva, which is good for a cursory stroll. But make sure that Kelve is where you spend most of your morning.
Motivator! - Kelve beach had the most number of visitors on the 31st of Dec. A crowd of more then 10,000 celebrated the new year here.


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