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Vasai Virar Temples Jivdani Mandir (Virar east)
Jivdani Mandir (virar east)
  Jivdani Temple
Vajreshwari Temple
Chandika Temple
Mahalaxmi Temple
Ekvira Temple
Ganesh Temple - Vasai depot
Tungareshwar Temple
Mahadeo Temple - Agashi
Chakreshwar Temple
Shri Datta Temple - Giriz
Shri Datta Temple - Padai
Shani Mandir - Ramedi
Shani Mandir - Nallasopara
Vitthal Mandir - Virar
Vitthal Mandir - Achole
Sai Baba mandir - Bhabhola
Shree Shankaracharya Samadhi - Nirmal
Shree Nityanand Maharaj Ashram - Ganeshpuri
Shree Balyogi Sadanand Maharaj Ashram
Chandip Ashram

  Churches in Vasai
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